Jean Sirigate

(Solar Warrior)


Hello, I'm Professor Jean Sirigate, founder of Solar Warrior.

I have been practicing Martial Arts since I was 14 years old, and during this period I developed myself in Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Chinese Boxing, Reiki, Tantra, Meditation and Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine.

From this background, I developed the idea of ​​the Solar Warrior, to carry a message of Harmony within the martial world. It is not enough for a Warrior to know how to fight, but also to learn to preserve the health of his body and surrender his skills to the purpose of Peace.

I currently teach classes in the modalities in which I developed, including online. For the other modalities, I am open to developing courses if you are interested.

Through these Arts, I seek to strengthen the Practitioners' Virtues, and benefit their Health. As Chinese millennial Wisdom teaches, Harmonic Integration of Body, Mind and Emotions.

Come practice with me! From gentle practices to more vigorous practices, paths you can choose in your life to become a better person.

Solar Little Warrior

Children's Kung Fu

With Instructor João Manoel, formed by Professor Jean Sirigate

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