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"Harmonism" refers to a philosophical worldview that emphasizes the importance of Balance and Harmony in all aspects of life. It is based on the belief that the Universe is naturally Harmonious, and that individuals and societies can achieve happiness and fulfillment by aligning themselves with this Harmony.

Harmonism may involve the study and contemplation of concepts such as Balance, Proportion, Symmetry, and Rhythm, as well as practices such as Martial Arts, Dances, Yoga, Therapies, Meditation and other techniques that promote Harmony and Well-Being. It can also include the study of fields such as Music Theory, Art, and Architecture, which explore the ways in which Harmony is expressed in the physical world. Harmonism can also emphasize the importance of Social Harmony and the cultivation of Virtues such as Compassion, Wisdom, and Humility.

The Harmonist understands that it is possible to integrate different "colors", "notes" and "cultures", thus being a person always open to Learning with the different Wisdoms formed throughout the planet during thousands of years.

Professor Jean Sirigate, founder of Harmony Way, studies the term harmony in depth and offers in videos all his baggage on the classic understanding of ancient cultures about the term allied to the contemporary vision.

What is Harmony?

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Presentation by Professor Jean Sirigate

What is Harmony?

What the pandemic taught us

Find Harmony in your life

Requirements of a Harmonist

If you are someone who wants to bring more Harmony to the world, and want to offer your contribution by being part of our Team, get in touch! But first, read and find out if you meet the requirements of a Harmonist.

Understand that...

Harmony Way is a Principle;

Just as there are many rivers but all follow gravity to reach the ocean, there are many paths within the Harmony Way;

Just as extremes of cold and heat make it difficult for life to exist, we must avoid extremes, the Harmony Way being a dynamic balance (Middle Way);

The practices and therapies of the Harmony Way should not be aggressive or invasive, respecting the time and evolutionary process of each Being;

We must honor the past (roots) and from the acquired experience build our present (trunk) and envision our future (cup);

Harmony is connection, and the Walker seeks to harmoniously integrate polarities and differences, without segregation or prejudice;

The polarities are male and female, past and future, ancient and modern, spirituality and science, general world antagonisms;

Polarities and differences should not be a reason for discord, but rather for the meeting of a Harmony Way between them.

Believe that...

The existence of the Harmony Way is a principle of life and existence;

Everyone can Walk in Harmony;

It is possible to transcend suffering by finding Harmony;

Beings and the planet can be harmonious if we find the Harmony Way in all areas of life;

Our future is Harmonic.